As my knitting journey begins, I thought I would spend this first week doing some research (this was also because it was extremely cold outside and didn’t find the time to get out to the craft store…oops)! My first step was to head on over to YouTube. I started by simply typing “how to knit”. This gave me several videos and I watched the first two because they had several views, subscribers, and likes on the videos. They were both very helpful and I will be referencing back to them when I actually get to knitting. Videos are going to be my main go to when it comes to learning how to knit. I also hope to find blogs with helpful tips along the way. I hope that eventually I will be able to knit without even thinking about it and I can do it while watching TV or talking with friends.



Discovering Feedly

This week I explored the ins and outs of Feedly! I have found this app to be extremely helpful for trying to find articles, magazines, and blogs that I can follow and reference to in the future. Since I am a math major and a physical education minor, I tried to follow blogs that related specifically to these subject areas. I also want to teach high school so I decided to follow some accounts that had current events or relatable topics for teenagers. Finally, I decided to make a broad search through just education. I found some amazing sites that talked about education as a whole and some tips and tricks for beginning teachers. One of the sources I have decided to follow is Educational Technology. After reading a few of their articles, I realized that I would not only be helpful for me now, but also down the road when I am in the classroom. It has an excellent list of youtube channels to subscribe to for both students and teachers which could help teach a specific part of a lesson, or could be provided for additional information for any student who might need it. Here is the link to a YouTube channel called Crash Course and is good for English Language Arts, History, and Science!


My Knitting Adventure Begins

This semester I am going to learn how to knit! My end goal is knit a sweater or a blanket for myself or one of my family members. Each week I am going to dedicate time on researching how to knit, techniques, as well as tips and tricks to make the perfect sweater or blanket. I am planning on spending around thirty minutes to an hour every day practicing my knitting skills, and after the reading week I will begin to build the pieces for my sweater or begin my blanket. My Oma is a fantastic knitter and when I need a little extra explanation or help, she is just a phone call away. Here I have included some inspiration for blankets and sweaters.

Getting to Know Miss. McGillivray

Hey everyone! My name is Jocelyn McGillivray and I am in my first year of Education. I have a love for animals and have my own dog who is a two year old yellow lab named Tucker. I also love basketball and spending time with my family and friends. My favorite colour is yellow, my most favorite thing in the world is coffee, and I enjoy watching football. I’ve been told that I am weird because I have chosen math to be my major, but I love math. It is my favorite subject in school and I would love to share my passion through teaching it to high school students. My minor is physical education because I love being active and moving around. When I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a teacher more than anything. I think this is because I had an amazing teacher at the time. However, as I grew older becoming a teacher fell out of sight and I wanted to be a nurse. That was quickly changed to engineering when I passed out after getting a needle. After a long time of aspiring to be an engineer, I realized that even though I loved math, I wouldn’t enjoy the jobs available to me after my degree. By the time grade twelve rolled around I was dead set on becoming a high school math teacher and I am eager and ready to get into the classroom!

I have very little experience with educational technology, with the exception of blogging last semester. I am entering this with an open mind. I have a love hate relationship with technology at the moment, and I am hoping that through this course I can learn to appreciate and see the benefits of blogging. I think blogging can be extremely helpful in the classroom because students have one site that they know everything will be on. If I blogged as a teacher I would be able to include my contact information, upcoming due dates, assignments for students who might be absent the day it is explained, rubrics, the possibilities are endless. The only issue I can see is if my blogging habits aren’t very good, then my blog won’t be up to date and then there is no point in even having one. I do however love using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to update my friends and family of the going ons in my life. Click here for the link to my Twitter profile! 

This is my family in Mexico. My brother Adam is on the far left, my cousin Spencer is beside him, and my little sister is the one with the mermaid hair.