Discovering Feedly

This week I explored the ins and outs of Feedly! I have found this app to be extremely helpful for trying to find articles, magazines, and blogs that I can follow and reference to in the future. Since I am a math major and a physical education minor, I tried to follow blogs that related specifically to these subject areas. I also want to teach high school so I decided to follow some accounts that had current events or relatable topics for teenagers. Finally, I decided to make a broad search through just education. I found some amazing sites that talked about education as a whole and some tips and tricks for beginning teachers. One of the sources I have decided to follow is Educational Technology. After reading a few of their articles, I realized that I would not only be helpful for me now, but also down the road when I am in the classroom. It has an excellent list of youtube channels to subscribe to for both students and teachers which could help teach a specific part of a lesson, or could be provided for additional information for any student who might need it. Here is the link to a YouTube channel called Crash Course and is good for English Language Arts, History, and Science!



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