Thoughts on Twitter Chats

My twitter chat experience was a mixture of things. It was very overwhelming, but there were also many amazing resources and topics that were talked about. I found that was hard to keep up because a question would be asked and then lots of people would be answering very fast and I would spend time looking for the questions and trying to read through answers of people and by the time I would go to answer the question, it was time to move on. I have lots to practice when it comes to twitter chats but I am looking forward to participating in twitter chats in the future!

I can see where twitter chats can be useful because you get to connect with SO many people! Even when we did our mini twitter chat as a class, we had someone join in who we could connect with. It is also a good way to get resources and ask questions to other educators and talk with a group of people who are all interested in the same topics as you. You also get to understand and hear different approaches and perspectives.




Wow! My grandma certainly made knitting look very easy and it was not easy at all. I started by learning how to cast on to my knitting needle, and luckily this was a fairly easy task. Then onto the knitting portion. I only practiced the knit stitch this week and once I finish my mini project I will learn the pearl stitch. Right now I am trying to knit a washcloth before I begin my blanket because I want to work on my stitches and the right tension I should keep on my yarn. I have started and restarted so many times this week that I lost count. However, I did find out that when you drop a stitch there is a solution that does not require restarting! It is called “tinking” which is “kint” spelt backwards. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of this yet, but I have started purposely dropping stitches early in my project to practice without having to lose a lot of progress if it doesn’t work out as planned. Overall, I was very frustrated at the beginning of this week but things are starting to look up. I even had times that I couldn’t put the needles down! Once you get a good groove, it becomes a soothing and addicting hobbie. Can’t wait to fine tune my knitting skills and finish my first project!