Growing and Changing

The changing world of technology is mindblowing! I have a younger sister who is five years younger than me and the difference between our phones is very interesting from music, to apps, and to how we use those apps. In class we talked about Snapchat specifically and I could relate to those who use snapchat as their main form of communication. However, it is not typical texting or having conversations back and forth. Instead, it is sending pictures of my face or whatever I am doing at that moment. I also have “streaks”with people who I keep in touch with. On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter are two forms of social media that I am never on. I will scroll though but not very often. I would rather go on instagram or youtube before using these other apps.

In terms of education and the growing changing world of technology, I think that it is very important to keep up with what is going not only with current events but also with apps that are popular and how they work. Depending on the grade you are teaching, there are plenty of perks but also some things that I would want to be aware of. In older grades, technology works great for sharing resources quickly, playing games such as kahoot, and can access things like Power School and Google Docs at their fingertips. However, a teacher will almost always run into cell phones being more of a distraction than a tool. I also think it is important for teachers to understand the apps their students could be using so they are aware of any risks that it comes along with such as forms of cyberbullying. In elementary school, technology is great because they can play educational games that are good for improving skills at school and at home. When I go to visit my mom’s grade one classroom, many of these students know how to operate and play on the iPad. Sometimes I wonder if these students should be having so much screen time? You never know how often they play games or watch TV at home and when they come to school they could be gettin even more screen time. I am not saying that iPads are bad for the classroom, but just wondering what would be the best way to use it.

Overall, with our new culture constantly growing with technology I think it is important to tackle it with an open mind and to be open to change!



Break Time

This week I was in BC on a ski trip with some friends and took time to relax. It was a much needed vacay that took me away from the stress of school so I can come back recharged. I left my knitting at home to give my fingers a break, but I am ready to tackle my blanket project when I get home!


Mini Project #1 Complete!

I finished a washcloth!! I am very happy with my first mini project and I am happy that it took me only a few weeks. After this I have learned a few things about knitting:

  1. Take your time! Trying to rush through will only mess you up later.
  2. Don’t stress about it. Yes knitting can be hard and frustrating at times but just take a deep breath and come back to it if you have to.
  3. People will call you a grandma…
  4. Bamboo needles really are your best friend.
  5. Making a blanket is going to take me FOREVER!
  6. Once you get in your groove, it becomes addicting
  7. I have developed a love for walking through the yarn section in the craft store.

I can honestly say that I have developed a love for knitting. I feel very accomplished and I am ready to tackle my next project. I think the best way to knit my blanket is to knit sections at a time. This way I am working with smaller pieces and I can really concentrate on a small piece without feeling overwhelmed with lots of stitches all at once and not seeing lots of progress off the bat. This also gives me the opportunity to limit the amount of mistakes in the blanket. Let me know if you have any better ideas on how to tackle knitting a blanket!


Thoughts on Twitter Chats

My twitter chat experience was a mixture of things. It was very overwhelming, but there were also many amazing resources and topics that were talked about. I found that was hard to keep up because a question would be asked and then lots of people would be answering very fast and I would spend time looking for the questions and trying to read through answers of people and by the time I would go to answer the question, it was time to move on. I have lots to practice when it comes to twitter chats but I am looking forward to participating in twitter chats in the future!

I can see where twitter chats can be useful because you get to connect with SO many people! Even when we did our mini twitter chat as a class, we had someone join in who we could connect with. It is also a good way to get resources and ask questions to other educators and talk with a group of people who are all interested in the same topics as you. You also get to understand and hear different approaches and perspectives.



Wow! My grandma certainly made knitting look very easy and it was not easy at all. I started by learning how to cast on to my knitting needle, and luckily this was a fairly easy task. Then onto the knitting portion. I only practiced the knit stitch this week and once I finish my mini project I will learn the pearl stitch. Right now I am trying to knit a washcloth before I begin my blanket because I want to work on my stitches and the right tension I should keep on my yarn. I have started and restarted so many times this week that I lost count. However, I did find out that when you drop a stitch there is a solution that does not require restarting! It is called “tinking” which is “kint” spelt backwards. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of this yet, but I have started purposely dropping stitches early in my project to practice without having to lose a lot of progress if it doesn’t work out as planned. Overall, I was very frustrated at the beginning of this week but things are starting to look up. I even had times that I couldn’t put the needles down! Once you get a good groove, it becomes a soothing and addicting hobbie. Can’t wait to fine tune my knitting skills and finish my first project!