Thoughts on Twitter Chats

My twitter chat experience was a mixture of things. It was very overwhelming, but there were also many amazing resources and topics that were talked about. I found that was hard to keep up because a question would be asked and then lots of people would be answering very fast and I would spend time looking for the questions and trying to read through answers of people and by the time I would go to answer the question, it was time to move on. I have lots to practice when it comes to twitter chats but I am looking forward to participating in twitter chats in the future!

I can see where twitter chats can be useful because you get to connect with SO many people! Even when we did our mini twitter chat as a class, we had someone join in who we could connect with. It is also a good way to get resources and ask questions to other educators and talk with a group of people who are all interested in the same topics as you. You also get to understand and hear different approaches and perspectives.



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