My Last Hurrah

Throughout the semester I decided to tackle learning how to knit! This was quite the learning journey and has given me tricks that I can carry on beyond knitting. Most of my learning was done through the world of YouTube. There are so many instructional videos out there that are easy to follow and provide useful tips to my learning. I tried to follow picture tutorials, but I found that it was very difficult in the beginning because it was confusing, but once I understood knitting better I went back to look at them and they made more sense. When I first started knitting, it was difficult for me to cast on. I kept dropping stitches and my tension on my needles was way too tight so it was very difficult to fit the other needle through it as well. But before I could even start my project, I had to get my supplies which was an entire learning curve in itself. I thought I could just walk into the craft store and walk out with some yarn and needles. Little did I know, it was not exactly this easy for a beginner.

First I had to do some reading on the sign posted about what yarn is the easiest to work with and what size needles go along with it. I found that I needed weight four yarn and needles that were US needle size 7-9 or 4.5-5.5mm. After finding my perfect colour of yarn and weeks of practice I was finally able to get my motions and knit with ease. I later discovered that bamboo needles would make my life much easier. I found this information while watching a video on YouTube.

After completing my first project I decided to test out different yarn weights and change my needles from aluminum to bamboo. I moved up to weight 6 yarn meaning I needed to also upgrade my needle size to go along with it. This presented the same challenges as when i first started on my knitting journey. I had to get to know how the yarn moved differently and how it slipped off my needles easier. Even the easiest part of knitting which is casting on, was difficult again. This project I wanted to work towards making a blanket, although while trying to tame new yarn I needed a few practice runs. 

Finally, I decided I was ready to begin knitting my blanket. As the snow began to melt, and the sun started shining more I began knitting outside more. The tactic I was going to do to make my blanket was making individual squares and sew them together. However, I made the mistake of leaving my knitting project on the back deck table and when I woke up the next morning there was a surprise waiting for me. For those of you who don’t know, I have a beautiful yellow lab who is 2 years old named Tucker. He is my best friend and apparently he just loved watching me learn to knit, that he wanted to try it himself.

Although he destroyed the beginning of my blanket, I won’t give up. I have developed a deep love for knitting and have found it to be very enjoyable. At times, it can even become very addicting. Once you pick it up and get into your groove, it’s hard to put it down. Throughout the semester, knitting taught me a few things that I can take beyond some yarn and needles. That list includes:

  1. Life can pass you by, so take time to sit outside (or inside) and enjoy the things you do and the life you have.
  2. Things can be incredibly frustrating at times, so take a step back, a deep breath, and binge some Netflix before getting back to it.
  3. Never ever leave anything valuable within reach of a two year old lab because they will find a way to eat it or play with it no matter what it is.

Thank you so much to knitting for teaching me these things about life and myself, and thank you to this semester for giving me the opportunity to learn how to knit! Hope you all have a wonderful summer!


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