Contributing to the Learning of Others

Throughout the course of the semester we were tasked to contribute to the learning of other through technology and the internet. My main source of contribution was twitter. On twitter I would retweet, comment, like, and ask questions to help my fellow educators expand their learning. Here I will include screenshots of twitter were I have contributed to other’s learning. This was one of my most popular tweets that got lots of people buzzing about. Shell Shockers is a game that is played online and from what I observed from students in my field placement and what they told me about it, it is a game that you can play against you friends or other users online and the 

goal is to shoot the other eggs. During the month of February there was an indoor recess almost every single day. The students had access to computers during indoor recess so they said they would often play this game. My first thought was “you’re allowed to play this game?” and their response was simply “why  not?” as if the fact that guns were in the game didn’t phase them. This interested me and I decided to take this to the world of twitter and here are some of the responses I got in return. 

Another post on twitter hat I made was one that would be a good resource for other teachers. It was the instructions on how to paint an Ojibway self portrait. I had a lot of fun participating in it and I thought that it would be a good way to integrate Indigenous learning in the classroom.

Finally, I contributed to the learning of others by speaking up in class discussions and in small break out groups. I really enjoyed using technology this semester and building my own personal network. Twitter has been a go to for me for a lot of things this semester and I know I will continue to use it in the future.


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